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Stand near this burning barrel with me and tell me a story.


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    A fellow prole. Make sure this won't eat into your food budget.


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      You already ruined my hood. Least you can do is compensate me for it.




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        About phryk

        Guliks greetings, dear moneybags!

        I am phryk – homeless hacker, depressive fuckhead and
        undisputed glorious leader of notorious anarchodiscordian
        terror organization phryk evil mad sciences, LLC*!

        Sometimes, I suffer random bouts of productivity and
        everyone gets to suffer the results, which may include
        software, memetic terrorism and poop.

        Check out and
        for that, minus the poop (mostly).

        You can also stalk me on the fediverse at

        On a slightly different note, patrons will never receive any
        exclusive content because I am not a dirty, rotten class
        traitor who deprives the poor from access to the fruit of
        their labour.

        If all that is cool with you and you like the stuff I'm cooking
        up,  you're still more than welcome to give me money, tho! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        PS: Seriously, all you're getting here is the warm, fuzzy
        feeling of financing a low-life prole who can't cope with
        living under capitalism. Make of that what you want.

        PPS: I'm really, really, really sorry for being on Patreon,
        but they have a practical monopoly on this shite.

        * phryk evil mad sciences, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of OPMINDFUCK, Inc.

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