phuture collective is creating electronic music, production tools & motivation

Phuture Fam

$1 /mo
- You will be directly paying for our hosting, thus keeping inspiration churning for years to come!

- Some Patreon giveaways and leaks :).

Phuture Lift

$5 /mo
- 24 hour response time from our founder for any messages or submissions.

-Exclusive patreon giveaways & leaks such as hearing our issues early, or being the first to get new set...


Access + Role

$10 /mo
- 'Patreon' discord role

- 2 tracks allowed in our feedback streams & priority to move to the top of the list if you are late!

- Access to our dropbox with all of our music e...

Phuture Access

$25 /mo
 - Once a month you'll get a 20 minute meeting with our Founder. We'll go over how to build you as an artist, what labels to release on, feedback for tracks, and even promotional support (I.E: Who ...

Abundant Access

$45 /mo
- Two 20 minute video call with our founder every month! During this call you'll be able to inquire about how to develop yourself as an artist, or how to grow your collective. During your call you ...

All Access

$75 /mo
- Up-to four 20 minute zoom calls with our founder. These calls will be used to go over your growth and development as an artist, 1v1 track feedback, network connections, label growth, etc.