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Hey You!

We're Matt & Chris. We love creating music; more importantly, we love creating art. We revolve around mental health & positivity.

PHVNTVCY is creating a unique entertainment transmedia brand.
PHVNTVCY hopes to replace what people think of when they hear the word Fantasy.
Don't be afraid to speak out about your mental health & seek help, for it is better to receive positive guidance preventing future harm. No matter where you are in life, or what you are feeling, there is a world out there to reach out to and find your belonging.
We're birthing an Intellectual Property; with stories across multiple entertainment mediums, planting seeds to sustain for generations to come.

For an overview of how patreon works in general, they’ve got a great primer HERE to explain how it works. but basically: you give patreon your credit card # (or paypal) and you’re charged $1 (or more, if you choose) at the end every month to support us and our collaborators in our general art-making undertakings. your support also helps us to pay our general costs-of-doing-business (office, staff, life).

Patreon is a great platform for organizing this concept, including the huge advantage that patrons on a budget (who can only afford $1 per month) don’t have to worry about getting charged too much, whereas people with a lot to give are also welcome to support, without expecting huge amounts of time-sinking rewards which drain energy from the entertainor.

Every patron is cherished. This is a community. everybody pitches in what they can, and we try to keep our content as free as possible, so that EVERYBODY, even the people who cannot afford to be part of this patreon, can enjoy our universe.

With your support, we'll be able to employ other creators; which in these days of reduced arts-funding would bring a smile to an artist's face.

This patreon is our starting point. The foundation to creating an entertainment escape from reality.

We invite you to join this PHVNTVCY universe and see what we are doing.

And if you’re already one of our patrons...Thanks!. We love you and you are making it all possible.


Matt & Chris

p.s. If you're not familiar with our music, click the link below to hear the sounds of our minds.

p.p.s. If you have questions, please submit them on our discord server, twitter, facebook, or instagram. You can also send us an email at PHVNTVCY and we’ll get you sorted. If you’d like more information about how Patreon works or need help with your Patreon account you can view a ton of resources on Patreon’s support page and contact their support team directly:
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Whenever we reach 5,000 patrons we will create an animated story within the universe where we band together to fight a villain. (Patrons create their own character for the story)
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