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If you're reading this, it means that you're considering donating to Physical Attraction via Patreon. Thank you so much.

By donating to the show, not only do you express your thanks for the content that you hopefully enjoy, but you also make it possible for me to carry on going: it will help to pay hosting costs, I can put it in a fund towards new equipment, and books aren't cheap either. But more than any of that - if you love podcasts as much as I do, you'll appreciate that they can provide, for free, a better source of entertainment than billion-dollar movies and TV shows. You'll appreciate the thrill of excitement when a new episode drops. You'll grow to love the voices that have kept you company before falling asleep, or while you're cooking or doing household chores, making the day easier to get through. I don't know if my podcast will ever reach those levels for listeners. But I will try my best to make it as good as I can. But without an audience, without your support, we're nothing.

I hope to offer contributors - as well as all of this gratitude - episode scripts, commentary, reviews of the books that I use for the show (and other books!). You will also get episodes released before anyone else - as soon as they're complete, so perhaps months early, and ad-free if they would have had adverts on the free feed. and a feed with bonus episodes. These will probably be released irregularly, as funding drives, but it's always nice to get something back for your support. 

The other thing, of course, is that being a patron gives you priority access to me! If I'm deciding on new topics to cover, I'll ask the Patreon audience first; your polls can determine new directions for the show; and you can message me at any hour of the night or day with comments or questions and I will endeavour to answer them as soon as I can.

The way the payments are working at the moment is rather ad-hoc but based on discussions with patrons. Rather than charging per month, we charge "per bonus episode" and you can set your own monthly cap on how much you would like to give. 
Every month I will nominate some bonus/early episodes as "paid episodes" while others will be free for patrons. But you can set your own cap on how much you would like to donate, and please discuss with me if you are unhappy with this system. 

This might seem a little arcane. The reason is that some months I'll have lots of patron content and other months, much less. For this reason I don't want to charge each month in case of hiatuses. This way, if nothing comes out for patrons, there will be no charge. But you can also set your own maximum so that I don't start treating you like ATM machines by producing lots of bonus content.

Everyone has seemed to be OK with this so far - after all, you can get everything for less than as $1 / month if you choose, but can also pay-what-you-want to support us a little more - but let me know if you strongly object. I had democratic vote to decide this but we may end up with a second referendum on it if people would prefer a monthly flat payment. 

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