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As a Piano Portals Fan+ Patron, you're empowering pianists around the world to access a fresh approach to piano technique and challenge assumptions in conventional pedagogy. You can also access this growing list of groundbreaking resources and support the development of many more:

For Beginner to Intermediate players and their teachers
  • 1-Minute Workouts for Piano e-book - address your whole-body technique holistically from the outset. Radical antidote to conventional exercises

For Post-beginner to Advanced players and their teachers

  • Cheat Sheets- growing library of cheat sheets to point you in the direction of fluent, expressive playing without excess tension

For Intermediate to Advanced players and their teachers

  • Troubleshooting Technique with Tiny Pieces e-book - radical parallel practice for troubleshooting your technique through growing self-awareness

  • Play by Ear from the Score video tutorials - play by ear for fluent, expressive technique even if you start with and continue to use the score

  • Exclusive video tutorials to accompany Troubleshooting Technique with Tiny Pieces e-book


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Welcome to your Courses+ tier - your gateway to the flagship Piano Portals online courses plus access to the growing list of exclusive e-books, cheat sheets and video tutorials. 

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For Intermediate to Advanced players and their teachers

  • Online Foundation Course - Radical, holistic approach to piano technique. Inspirational common sense, based on what able players actually do when they play fluently and expressively. A comprehensive daily practice for fluent, expressive technique without excess tension. Includes PDF Course Book.

Please note:
the Online Foundation Course is not a 'how to play the piano' in the sense of a beginners' tutor. It's a holistic substitute for conventional exercises. It will soon be replaced by the new-and-improved Transform Your Technique courses.

  • Transform Your Technique - Intermediate to Advanced online course (replacement for Online Foundation Course)
  • Essentials of Playing by Ear online course
  • Transform Your Technique - Beginner to Intermediate online course
  • Transform Your Technique - Advanced Technique online course


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Welcome to the Influencer+ tier, where you can directly influence the content of exclusive videos here in your members' area.

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Bespoke Video Play Flows

  • Send in suggestions (max. one per month) for video Play Flows - like workflows but for your piano practice - for learning new repertoire efficiently and enjoyably with the groundbreaking Piano Portals approach. Request any short piece or section of a longer piece to be explored here in your members' area.

Bespoke Tutorials

  • Suggest topics for exclusive video tutorials (max. one per month) in your members' area. These could address particular challenges you face in your playing or clarify any issues raised by Piano Portals resources. 

About Piano Portals

Hello, I'm Stephen Marquiss, Founder of Piano Portals

Piano Portals is my realisation of a dream:

to play the piano fluently and expressively to my satisfaction and to help others do the same.

If you already know all about Piano Portals, you could skip to "With you on board...", below.

Otherwise, please read on!

'Classically trained' is a standard to which many aspire. I spent a decade in music education, absorbing advice from the world's most respected teachers. Yet my piano playing deteriorated to the extent that I became a shadow of my former creative self when I left school.

I struggled with ongoing injury, postural problems and mental blocks. I practised for 3 to 6 hours a day - but piano playing didn't get any easier.

It wasn't just me. A number of my peers abandoned their studies (temporarily or permanently) because of so-called Repetitive Strain Injury, tendonitis or mental illness. For some years, I battled with these questions:

  • How could I practise long hours only to feel discomfort, dissociation and disillusionment? 
  • Could 'received wisdom' have let me down? 
  • To what extent does pedagogy produce great players?  

I embarked on a quest to find out. 

Fast forward 20 years and I've created Piano Portals, a radical, holistic approach to piano technique. I now play the piano to my satisfaction, which is a dream come true.

I enjoy every moment of my flowing, engaging practice. I feel grateful every time I play. I credit Piano Portals with this transformation.

I meet adult players who feel frustrated and stuck, like I once did. Pedagogical traditions are pervasive - many pianists share similar fundamental priorities and assumptions when they practice and experience similar difficulties when things go wrong - apart from the very greatest, who seem to forge their own way ahead regardless. 

Featured in the March 2020 issue of International Piano magazine (article and editorial) and at the 2020 UK Music and Drama Expo (seminar theatre), Piano Portals is empowering a growing number of open-minded pianists and teachers to remodel their approach to piano technique.

It's a truly holistic approach to fluent, expressive piano technique without excess tension that works with your body and within a flowing connection to music. It's based on observable elements of able pianists' techniques that've been all but neglected by orthodox pedagogy.

Piano Portals
  • transforms your technique from within a flowing, 'connected' state, rather than separating it out and 'working on' it
  • cultivates whole-body coordination every step of the way, rather than fragmenting it
  • addresses fundamental issues in your own playing coordination, facilitating all playing...rather than attempting to deal with technical difficulties individually as they arise in repertoire
  • empowers you to take responsibility for your musical well-being 
  • lets you become the expert on your own technique through deepening self-awareness
  • is uplifting, creative and accessible - not dogmatic or unreaslistically complex

With you on board, l can realise my wider dream:

  • to reach a wider audience with Piano Portals - offering more pianists fresh, empowering choices in their practice
  • to challenge assumptions in piano pedagogy which have failed generations of players

Piano Portals is arguably the most radical, practical, accessible substitute for conventional exercises in history.  

Benefits of becoming a Piano Portals Patron include:
  • access to the pioneering online courses
  • access to e-books and cheat sheets
  • access to exclusive video tutorials and the chance to influence them
  • the chance to request Play Flows (like workflows, but for your piano practice) for learning sections of repertoire fluently, enjoyably and efficiently
  • the chance to receive respectful 1-2-1 feedback on your playing
  • the knowledge that you're facilitating fresh choices for pianists who struggle or feel blocked or disconnected

Are you:
  • a committed Post-beginner pianist seeking to play more fluently and expressively?
  • stuck or blocked in your practice?
  • an Intermediate to Advanced player seeking to eliminate excess tension and facilitate all the 'holy grails' of playing such as cantabile, narrative line, phrasing, power, delicacy, ornamentation, evenness and more?
  • an open-minded piano teacher committed to all students' progress - not just the most 'gifted'? 
  • a fan of critical thinking and challenging assumptions? 

Please note: Piano Portals is not yet a complete beginners' tutor.

Your membership will empower me to:
  • continue to create new courses, tutorials and cheat sheets
  • build on the groundbreaking Piano Portals resources for beginners and create a fully-fledged tutor method  
  • reach more pianists who are struggling, blocked or frustrated in their practice    
Thank you so much for reading. I'd love to welcome you into the Piano Portals community.

Please don't hesitate to be in touch with any queries or just to say hi.

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When I reach £100/month, I'll create the videos illustrating the advice in the free e-book Troubleshooting Technique with Tiny Pieces (available to Patrons on all tiers and also to mailing list subscribers at pianoportals.com)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 23 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 23 exclusive posts

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