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La Piccioletta Barca was launched in the Autumn of 2018 with the aim of filling a vacuum in the creative world - namely, to establish a distinct voice that endorses a multidisciplinary (and interdisciplinary) approach to the arts. Our motivations were clear from the get-go: all we desire is to publish high-quality pieces from artists who feel passionately about their ideas.

In the past two years, we have achieved that. Having published over three-hundred pieces in dozens carefully curated issues, our archive now stands as a testament to the artistic vision of the magazine, and the incredible talent of its contributors. Alongside our commitment to publishing meaningful art, we stand firm in the conviction that artists should be judged by their work, and that alone. Thus, we are proud to discover and publish multiple emerging talents alongside more established artists in their field, such as Titos Patrikios (Winner of the Greek Lifetime Achievement in Poetry), Polly Barton (2-time PEN award-winning translator) and Hernán Cortés Moreno, one of the most acclaimed contemporary portrait artists in Europe.

Over the past two years, La Piccioletta Barca has grown in reputation and acclaim, having been inducted in the British Library Web Archive's Cultural Magazine section, being named in the Top 3 poetry magazines of April 2020 by the National Poetry Library (UK), as well as being support by CLMP, DuoTrope and other leading organisations in the arts magazine world.

La Piccioletta Barca is run by team of volunteers whose aims and ambitions are to provide the best platform for the artists they publish. However, given that all the content we publish is, and will remain, free to access for everyone, we are currently unable to reimburse contributors or further expand the suite of our offerings for our readers. With the support of Patreon donations, we would be able to further grow the magazine, devote more time in improving the quality of the publication itself, as well as provide multiple other offerings for our community, such as merchandise, print editions of digital material and larger (and more frequent) competitions.
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We will launch our first line of merchandise, consisting of totes, mugs, posters and stickers.
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