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About Pickled Echos

Pickled Echos are a 2 piece studio band that loves to create music, and are passionate about creating something audibly interesting, fun, jarring and timeless...maybe even a little different from the norm.
Both members have created music together for some time as part of other projects in the past and found themselves feeling drawn to create more outside of the other projects. They have found that the creative ideas just flow when they work together, causing a very strong want to continue making music together for many years to come.

The Animations were an idea that popped into the head one day to help get our music out there and heard with the use of visually entertaining characterised versions of ourselves with bright colours and a humble feel, which we believe will be entertaining to many.

We are very new to this approach, but we do hope to develop our skills and production value as time goes on, and maybe end up with our very own musically motivated animated series.

All content produced by Pickled Echos is of their own creation for the enjoyment of all.

We hope you enjoy all that you see and here from us, and we thank you greatly for your interest and support.

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