is creating ep1c m00vies and 1337 pwnage

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Ready 2 pwn!
It is Piconjo vs teh world.
But j00 can help!
Subscribing helps spread teh luv and message of pwnism!

  • Send <3
  • m00vie credit
  • Luv Posts
  • Discord Role

Send Piconjo <3!
Whip it out in traditional 1337 fashion and transmit across teh Piconjoverse 2 b received by his p3n0r.
The, watch as all adversaries simply melt away! Foes fl33, homework gets canceled, bowel moevments? liek clockwerk! j00 will ready ur p3n0r 2 pwn, just like Piconjo!!!!!!!*
*133.7% success raet!

<3 m00vie Credits
ur naem will be listed in end credits of Piconjo's m00vies grouped in teh ending <3 section in plain text.

Luv Posts
Get <3 Level access to Piconjo's Patreon posts!

<3 Discord Role
You'll be given the `<3` Role in Piconjo's Official Discord Server, granting a light orange/yellow colored name, a separate displayed group, and a few additional minor channel permissions.
Includes Discord benefits
  • <3
  • m00vie Credit Listing!

Piconjer <3<3

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reward item
per month
Start Ur Ep1c Journey
Lern how 2 pwn from Piconjo's literary, visual, and musical arts. Get insight into philosophical musings on pwnism and original artwork by teh m4ster himself, Piconjo.
Cultiv8 teh luv that j00 haev been looking 4, but could not find in religions, the sciences, cult rituals, or any unnatural carnal fetishes. Piconjo will lead j00 on teh tr00 path of pwnism.

  • Upgrade: pen0r
  • Get: m00vie Subscription
  • Get: m00vie credit
  • Get: <3 Piconjo Art <3
  • Unlock: Piconjo Net
  • Acquire: Discord Role

Grow from mere penor to a pen0r!
As a Piconjer j00 will finally haev full access 2 ur p3n0r, teh manifestation of p0w3r that swells d33p inside ur s0ul. j00 may now start on ur path of pwnism and cultiv8 teh <3 that will help j00 gr0w and pwn.

m00vie Subscription!

j00 will have a one month access to teh Patreon-exclusive m00vies!
This special bountiful gift will b wrapped in an imaginary pretty pink ribbon & bow and will maek ur pen0r smile and grow. With each gift every month ur pen0r will haev growth spurts and become big and str0ng and happy.

m00vie Credit Listing
Ur name will b listed in teh end credits of m00vies in "Piconjers" section before (and separate from) "<3" section.

<3 Piconjo Art <3
All thru teh month j00 will have access 2 original Piconjo artwork produced that month.
 - Comic Series
 - Drawings/Paintings
 - 0riginal Piconjo works
This art is guaranteed to get j00 ready 2 pwn in teh morning, inspire ur work thru teh day, and bring p33ceful sleep and fond dr33ms of pwning toadies.

Get "Piconjer<3<3" level access to Patreon Posts - Piconjo thoughts, musings, and philosophical discourse on pwnism.
May this w1sd0m guide j00 on ur path of pwnism<3
Includes Discord benefits
  • 1337 m00vie subscription!!!!
  • <3 Piconjo Art <3
  • Piconjo Net
  • m00vie Credit Listing!

1337 Piconjer <3<3<3

reward item
reward item
per month
Want to give a little moer as a Piconjer? Then...
Level up ur support!

Once, j00 were weak and flaccid, but now j00 stand strong and stout.
Once, j00 were sad and troubld, but now j00 are full of v1m and vig0r.
Once, j00 were cold/lonely, but now j00 haev teh p0w3r running thru ur veins.

Do ur studies on Pwnism and B that kid that maeks out with teh secksy teacher 4 extra credit - and that t33cher is Piconjo!

  • Access: teh pr0tal
  • Upgrade: p3n0r
  • Upgrade: m00vie Credit
  • Get: 1337 Shoutout!
  • Get: Vote 6
  • Acquire: 1337 Discord Role!

Upgrade ur pen0r into a p3n0r and untap teh p0tential swelling d33p inside j00. Fill ur p3n0r with <3, let it sw3ll and bulge and fill j00 with p0w3r.

teh pr0tal
Get access to banned/censored/removed/bonus content. Any movie that has been taken down from other sites will be posted here in "teh pr0tal".

1337 m00vie Credit Listing!
ur naem will be listed in a bold and larger font during end credits of teh following month's m00vie.
Listed before "Piconjer" and "<3" sections.

1337 Shoutout!
Keep ur bunz frosty! Piconjo himself will thank j00 for your extra level of support here on Patreon as well as other network platforms including teh Newgrounds N3ws!

voet 6!!!!:
Piconjo will personally p0st p0lls that will ch00se ur pwn adventure where Piconjo goez next! Polls can help decide what kind of content will be created, what Piconjo does on social platforms, or even taek part in deciding where a m00vie series' story will progress in the following month's adventure!

1337 Discord Role
Unlocks additional perms in the official Piconjo Discord server: Piconjo.hax

+ j00 receive all the Benefits from teh Piconjer tier!
Includes Discord benefits
  • teh Pr0tal!
  • m00vie Credit Listing!
  • 1337 m00vie subscription!!!!
  • 1337 Shoutout
  • voet 6!!!!
  • <3 Piconjo Art <3



About Piconjo

omg hai!!!!!11!!1!
Piconjo welcumz ur penor 2 Patreonjo, teh Piconjo Patreon where j00 can get ur jollies from teh Gawd of teh pr0tal himself: PICONJO!!!!11!one!!!1!!

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