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Thank you for supporting me and my endeavors, I know that you're thinking about me and my art and I can't thank you enough! A visual thank you note will be posted each month~ You may also vote on the monthly painting(s) subject!
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Not only my gratitude but access to High Res finished files (file type varies on project) of my artwork. You are open to suggest AND vote on monthly painting project(s)!
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WOW thank you so much! Not only do you have access to the previous reward tiers but you also have unlimited access to any tutorial or demo that I otherwise may charge for.



About Alex Weeks

Hi there! My name's Alex, but you may know me from the internet as picopepin or bere (or "king" by a long stretch)! I am a freelance illustrator with a couple years of industry experience on projects like Heroes of Newerth and Skylanders Battlecast. I graduated from RMCAD in 2013 and recently curated a Mettaton Fanzine (psstt over here).

In the past year and a half I've come to discover that the more love you dedicate to a piece the better it looks. When you pair your love for something, be it a show, a game, a comic, or even your own original content, with the love that others foster for it, the results are INCREDIBLE. There is a staggering difference between pieces made with sharing in mind and the work you have to keep hidden for either personal or legal reasons.

I want to continue to set aside time for pieces that my patreons can enjoy but I cant do it without your help. But I dont want this to be a one way street either! In addition to illustrating for your viewing pleasure I want to lend my experience and methodology to other content creators so that they may find a comfortable way of seeing their concepts from start to finish!
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A quality, full painting designed for print, voted and/or suggested on by patreons! A chunk of my needs are paid for spread between bills and food!
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