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I suspect that you're not in this because you want something material out of it. I want to keep offering my efforts to everyone for free, rather than holding certain things back for supporters only. You will have my thanks for helping make that possible.
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Seriously, you're pretty great, and you have quite a lot of my gratitude! Patreon says I'm supposed to promote a feeling of "exclusivity" by giving you special things no one else can have, but I believe that my work shouldn't be for only some people to enjoy. Thanks so much for making that possible!




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One of the things I value most about the cartographic community is how willing we all are to share knowledge. We're generally not proprietary or secretive: we're happy to give anyone our data, our methods, and our advice. I love giving back to my fellow mapmakers, and I spend a fair bit of my time on contributions outside of my ordinary paid work, including:
  • Putting together tutorials, so that others can copy things that they like about my work.
  • Answering questions on Twitter, (often about those tutorials).
  • Working on free resources for my colleagues, such as Project LineworkA Cartographer's Story, and some occasional contributions to Natural Earth.
  • Making weird and interesting maps, which hopefully provide some inspiration to those who view them. I almost always offer free PDF versions, so anyone can print them out at home if they'd like.
  • Staying active with NACIS, my professional society. I give talks at their annual conference, and I also have served in a variety of roles in the organization, including as Director of Operations, Atlas of Design Editor, MapLift co-organizer, Student Map & Poster Competition organizer, etc. I usually have an idea for something to do through NACIS.
I'm going to keep doing things like this for a long time, I hope. I don't have specific plans, and I don't have specific timelines. Sometimes I'll have bursts of side project work, and other times I'll be pulled away by my day job as a freelancer. But my track record suggests that, one way or another, I will keep finding ways to contribute.

Your support helps make up for the fact that I'm not out actually earning money while doing all this stuff, and it also encourages and enables me to do more of it. Thanks for your help!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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