Bowen Kerins is creating Pinball

$1 /mo
Access to exclusive text, audio, and video content. Early access to tutorial videos. Thanks for your support!

$5 /mo
Previous reward, plus voting privileges for tutorials, voice-overs, and strategy guides. Thank you!!

$10 /mo
Includes all previous rewards. You'll get to nominate games for tutorials. Your name will be listed on the sponsorship card for all tutorials, and you'll have a random chance of being selected for ...

$20 /mo
Includes all previous rewards. Your name will be a lot larger on the sponsorship card. You'll have a random chance of having your initials used in score entry during a tutorial. Thanks a ton!!

$50 /mo
Includes all previous rewards and a huge thanks. Your name will be on a second sponsorship card with all backers at this tier and above. You'll get at least one shout-out during a tutorial. Your in...

$100 /mo
GRAND CHAMPION. As Grand Champion your initials will be used for every Grand Champion high score during all tutorials, with a shout-out during every tutorial video (not every video gets GC scores!)...