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With the map as your guide, you will find your way to salvation.

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You are the map. The map is you.

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About Pinball Map

10 years ago, we (Scott and Ryan) created Pinball Map in a basement in Portland. Since then it has grown and Grown and GROWN, and is now listing over 6,400 locations and over 20,000 machines. We are still actively developing the website and app, and maintaining the data with a help of a hundred administrators and thousands of users. The API is used by Pindigo, PinTips, Matchplay Events, Stern and more to help power the location data on their sweet apps.

We have day jobs, we have families, and Pinball Map is a labor of love that we do for free on the side. We have a constantly evolving list of features to add, and we are currently rewriting the app from scratch (with the massive help of our friend, Beth)!

The app is free and the site is completely ad-free and tracking-free. We have always striven to keep our costs minimal. We currently deploy to Heroku, and we've held on to one of their cheapest tiers by the seat of our pants. But we are getting too popular! We need beefier server, more memory, etc, so we can meet demand. Plus, with Google Maps API's new pricing, we are coasting on some monthly credits that are about to run out soon.

In the past year we added a paypal donate link, and the donations from those helped squeeze us by. We also made t-shirts... but we ended up giving so many away that we didn't make any money from them.

We know that a lot of people use Pinball Map and like what we do, and they probably want to help out a bit so that we can stay strong and fast and awesome. We are an open source project, so if you have programming skills you can hop in and help out there. If you do not have programming skills, but you have a couple dollars burning a hole in your pocket, then this Patreon is for you!

With the money from this Patreon, our specific goals:

  1. Move from Heroku to AWS, so we can have more control and a better server (and some cool addon features like a mailing list).
  2. Probably move from the Google Maps API to something else, like Mapbox for our map tiles and geocoding.
So basically, our users are demanding more resources, and we don't want to fail you all. And we can't afford to pay for this ourselves! So we'd love some help.

For more information about Pinball Map:

Thank you!

$100 - reached! per month
A sizzling server with enough processors and RAM to rival an army (a petite army). Locations would load in an instant. This will also aid all of the folks who rely on our API for their apps.

Furthermore, we'd move from the Google Maps API (sniff) to (probably) Mapbox, which would open up a lot of sweet new mapping tools, styles, and tiles.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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