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Pinealwave is extremely powerful meditation music focused on third eye opening. This is achieved through pineal gland stimulation and activation. The result of an open third eye is elevated consciousness. With elevated consciousness, awareness, creativity, and intuition are increased. The third eye is the connection to all knowledge and endless creativity. The pineal gland is stimulated through the use of isochronic modulation which is the most advanced form of brainwave entrainment. Through brainwave entrainment elevated states of alpha and theta wave are increased and the mind is placed into the proper meditative state. This effect is felt as a pleasurable sensation. Brainwave entrainment is the most powerful and most effective form of meditation. For proper use, listen for about 20 minutes daily while sitting comfortably and let your mind wander free. With daily Pinealwave meditation the third eye will be opened and consciousness will be elevated. The power and potential of the pineal gland has been known throughout the history of mankind. Pinealwave is music for developing and unlocking your own inner power and creativity. This is powerful, instant meditation music for higher consciousness. For more information, check our our website PINEALWAVE.

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