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Oh heeeey, do you want to tip your hat to PCL for making your life just a bit more jolly? For a dollar a month you'll get:

  • Knowing that you're a part of the cool kids club who support what they love.
  • A chance to nominate printmakers you'd like to hear from.
  • Upon request, me leaving you a voicemail singing the chorus from "You Are The Wind Beneath My Wings".

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Hey you, do you like PCL? Do you think that it's just a mighty fine thing that it exists in the world? Maybe offer $5/month in support of keeping good things in the world. You'll get all the sweet benefits from tier one, including Miranda's Milder impression, but also:

  • That "I support what I love" strut.
  • A personalized postcard from Thailand.
  • Good vibes

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Hey, do you like, like-like PCL? How would you like to get everything from tier one and two, but also:

  • An on air thank you during an episode of PCL which finally make your ex release they've made a huge mistake
  • A grab bag of PCL stickers to wow your friends and adorn your presses.
  • That warm feeling of extreme relaxation that you get from a really great massage or watching Johnathan from Queer Eye talk about anything.



About pine | copper | lime

Welcome to pine|copper|lime, the internet’s number one printmaking podcast. Host Miranda Metcalf offers up conversations with printmakers from around the world who are doing something beyond the expected: moon vibes, robot porn, art saunas, postcolonial revenge, annoying Damien Hirst, DIY art therapy, and much more.

Printmaking forever. Shun the non-believers. Join the party. 

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