PinkLisa is creating Videos, photography, cosplay and more!

$5 /mo
First views of my favorite photos I publish in sets, you get to see them before I post them ANYWHERE ELSE!
Also, I'll pick some themes that I want to do at the start of the month, and you get...

$10 /mo
Several exclusive photo from every photo set I take during the month. These photos will only be viewable by the $10 + Patreon supporters. <3

$20 /mo
A photo taken just for you out of every photo set I do in the month. Each person who backs this will get their own personal photo that only they have access to. <3

$30 /mo
Signed and kissed photo monthly! All content will be emailed to you.

$60 /mo
A small personal photo sett taken specifically for you per month in an outfit that I already have. The themes have to be agreed upon before hand. ;)

$100 /mo
So, You will get a signed photo, a personal video, a small photo set specifically for you in an outfit that I already have. the themes have to be agree upon before hand....