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About Pink Tea Games

Hello there.

In a nutshell I make erotic games.

Completed projects:
Slave Lord
Slave Lords Of The Galaxy
- Bonds Of Ecstasy (short game)
- Maid Service (Short audio game)
- Elven Conquest 

At the moment I'm working on Elven Conquest part 2 (Available for $3+ patrons), another adventure game set into the world of magic, elves, dungeons and other bits of naughtiness.   

Also I'm working on and off on a Flash game involving a sexy kitty (This one in still in early development): Pussy Trainer

Why support me?

Your support essentially allows me to continue making games to the best of my ability. Without the support of all you wonderful patrons my games would not exist.

At the moment I'm able to work full time on my projects, and dedicate all of my creative energy towards game development.

The Patreon model of support straight from patron to supporter also means I don't have to burden my work with things like advertising or censorship. A lose for the middleman but a win for us.

If you pledge, depending on the tier you pick, you also get access to various rewards such as the latest offline version of the game (usually 1 month before public release), news updates, HD image packs, voting rights, etc. 

You'll also have the gratitude of me and my family for keeping us well-fed, my bills for being paid more or less on time and my dog for the terrifically trimmed beard she sports. 

95% complete
Desire is the key to motivation. 

Gotta keep setting those goals, aiming upwards, thrusting, thrusting our way to the stars.
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