Carlos Antonio Piñón is creating writing, glitch art, & music

Thank you!

$1 /mo
(Previously the "Early bird!" tier.) Patrons at this tier will thanked endlessly for doing their best. (:

Rough drafts & iterations!

$5 /mo
Patrons at this tier get to see all of the different iterations a piece of work goes through before it's done.

Tutorials, tips, & tricks!

$15 /mo
Wondering exactly how things are made? Well, at this tier, you'll see it unfold step-by-step with how-to videos and occasional livestreams.


$30 /mo
Patrons at this tier get to participate in full-blown discussions on my creative process, inspiration, or anything else you'd like to know about my art!

Workshops & critiques!

$75 /mo
Send me your works of art at any time, whether music, writing, or visual art, & I'll share my thoughts on it.

Custom commissions!

$100 /mo
Whoa there, got an idea? At this rate, you can request a consultation for a commission at a much cheaper rate than my regular fee. This offer is only for glitch work and music only.

Let's Get Physical!

$150 /mo
If you're giving me this much money a month, you deserve a physical print of glitch work a month. I'll even learn how to ship things just for you.

Sweet deal!

$1,500 /mo
Unlock my tragic backstory for a low, low price of a lot of money.