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lock the door , put on your headset , and don't forget your tissue ( 18+)

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$700 per month
i am heavily depedent on comissions to make a living . it consumes most of my time so i get less time to produce my own stuff . reaching this goal pays for everything . i will not worry about the basic expenses like food, electric bill , internet . i might even spent some for a beer sometimes
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$1,200 per month
i work solo and animating is very time consuming . i cannot be avoid being really burned out sometimes. it slows me down and it's not good for my health and my content . I really wish that i can ask help from my fellow animators but sadly , i cannot afford it . if these goal is reached , it will sustain and speed up my production . i will also have less stress which brings me good mood that results to quality work
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$3,000 per month
i always wanted to have that "PRO"ness on my content . but given that i work solo , i am forced to do things which is not my experties like editing,recording,writing,etc . reaching this goal pay for all the production expenses related to any project i do . i can finally get the right people for the job

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Hi to all of you and welcome to my page !!

you may have known me on newgrounds, hentai-foundry, youtube ,facebook, deviantart , twitter ,tumblr, or maybe on my blog .

I am a flash animator and i make those hot animations to be viewed for free

and yes it was me.... 
it was me who published that almost viral bleach flash animation " futas for you" XD

And i also made the following :

ROTLW fantasy hentai

well for you who end up in this page , you must have liked my work .
so how about you becoming a patron ?

these animations are hardwork and it's really not possible to produce these stuff without any help or sponsor . that's why i created this page so you can contribute any amount . all of it will be used to produce an original or non-original content . you can also expect to see some artworks , games , and many more . and i make a raffle each month and the winner will recieve some cool perks depending on the amount of his/her pledge . 

but first , you need to know what patreon is all about , check out the video below

so what am i up to?

right now i am working on a flash game called Rogue Courier . it is an animated comic done in flash

you can read more in this link  HERE

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