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■   h e l l o !   ■

Thank you for stopping by my Patreon.
I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.
With your help, my dream can come true.


Below is a snippet of my life story and
the various
goodies you can get by subscribing

Like many others, I started doodling at a young age, but it never grew to anything more than just a hobby. Middle school was the P e a k of my artistic creativitySadly, art became a once-a-month endeavor beginning in high school, and even less in college. My dusty tablet might have been lucky to see a computer in a year. 

Life without art was discouraging . The little time I had to draw brought so much joy. With the push of great friends, I decided to have courage and take a step to make this a
full CAREER. (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و


Link :: See All Current Projects Here 

The types of art that you will receive include :

   Comic Pages ( doujinshi and original manga )
   Game Art ( on games I am developing )
   Illustrations ( fan art and originals )
   Merchandise ( concept only, unless Parfait // Honey Toast )
   Doodles & Fun ( anything else I feel like drawing )

How it Works

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   Parfait ⇢  Premium | $ 3o
   Honey Toast ⇢ Deluxe | $ 1oo

step ③.
 Input your payment information on the next page and confirm.

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Every month, you will receive a message on Patreon with a package of virtual and physical goodies ( based on your reward tier ). Download and enjoy the content !! // 

Thank you so
much for visiting !

$31 of $100 per never
I can pay my utility bills! Wahh-- I will make a thank you sketch for everyone~

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