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Yay! Thank you!  This is the start of the journey and we're heading out on the trail together.  You get Patron-only access to my  check-ins as I learn dictation and develop habits for writing via dictation. 

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Hey now. Virtual hugs! We're on this journey together.  I'll share deeper dive posts for this tier and higher, including lessons learned and insights into the process of writing via dictation. I'll dig into training dictation software, equipment, and more. Plus, I'll share archived posts from way back when.

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You are awesome.  Also, you get access to Patron-only posts, audio, or other material I put together on time management and project planning.  Writing is hard. Writing and working a day job gets complicated.




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About Piper J. Drake

Hai! I'm Piper J. Drake, author of bestselling romantic suspense and edgy contemporary romance, fantasy and steampunk. I'm returning to Patreon because...

I'm a day job road warrior in addition to my career as a writer. I'll be sharing:
  • my strategies and techniques for managing my time between these two demanding careers
  • my knowledge on time management and project planning
  • my thoughts on various apps and online tools as I work with them
Want to pick my brain on these topics as they apply to writing and managing dual careers? This is where you get to look inside.

I'm also embarking on a new adventure...

I no longer have the consistent use of my hands. Earlier this year, I developed a complex medical challenge impacting my nerves and have been working with my doctors on a combination of physical therapy and learning about my medical challenges moving forward. In the meantime, I'm definitely going to keep on writing! I'll be sharing:
  • my weekly progress updates (maybe daily)
  • resources I curate and develop for writers with similar challenges
  • hurdles I encounter and how I overcome them
  • my efforts to develop new writing habits, what works for me and what doesn't

Note: I'm not looking for medical advice or suggestions, my doctors have that covered. I'm also not looking for monetary support related to my medical expenses. Subscribing to this Patreon will help me continue to share my knowledge and learning experiences with you.
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Did you know Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional costs about $300? And equipment adds more cost. Hitting this goal lets me equip my home and my travel bag for dictation.
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