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About Piplo Productions

Our mission at Piplo Productions is to help families and children recover after stressful or traumatic events by using story, clinical psychology, and cute characters. 

We began by developing the Trinka and Sam story series in partnership with the National Child Traumatic Stress Network. This free disaster series has been used to support families throughout the United States as well as in Nepal, Ecuador, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Japan, and the Philippines. While tracking the use of the stories is challenging as they are now shared on multiple websites, we are aware that over 200,000 copies have been freely disseminated worldwide.

Our newest story, Once I Was Very Very Scared, was designed to help families heal after traumatic and stressful events. Through story, parents and children are able to talk about events children find stressful, ways we may all respond when stressed, and things that help us. As of December 2018, we have had 39,826 views of the English version of this story.

We are committed to creating more stories and resources in multiple languages to support children and families, and we will always have a free version of our stories so that those in need can easily access them. Please join us to support this work.

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