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Just this one dollar a month will help boost my confidence and drive me to further better myself. You'll also get access to my feed and be able to message me. 

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NOW WE'RE TALKIN'! At this tier you will help me pay for art supplies- like replacement markers and pencil. My confidence will skyrocket if I get anyone pledging on this tier, no joke. If you pledge to this tier, you'll get a tiny thank-you sketch in the mail. 

(Please, do not give me a specific thing to draw. It's a thank-you card, not a request or commission).

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At this tier, you'll buy me FOOD. (Yes, I'm serious. For some reason we hardly ever buy the food I LIKE) I think you guys get the point about my confidence being boosted and all that, so I'm going to skip that part because I don't like redundancy that much. Also if you pledge to this tier, You can get a single, SMALL requested piece a month. (Must only contain one character. Bust sketch.)




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About Sharon

Who I Am:
Hi everyone! My name is Sharon, but everyone online calls me Pipo! (Or Spin, that works too!)I usually go by the username of PipoTechyon, but in some cases I'm also known as SpinningSanity. I've been writing stories since the age of 4, starting by making three imaginary friends: Shark-Nose, Flame-Flyer and Zing-Zapper. (I know, it's ridiculous)However, I never gave up on these characters, as "silly" as they were.
What I Aim To Do
Now, those characters go by the names of Yentho, Pyratra and Zii'Zii! I aim to eventually become a professional animator- and make my own cartoon with my own style, of which I've been told many times over is "unique". 15 years have passed and I'm not giving up on this dream of mine any time soon.
What I'm Going To Be Posting:
I'm going to be posting everything I got. New sketches, finished art, requested tips and advice- and I could even make tutorial videos for techniques of mine, if you guys would like. Anything you guys would like to see, suggest to me and I'll see if I can make it happen! I'll also post an occasional simple homemade plush toy, most likely my beanie-style dinosaurs. (Or as I call them, Floppysaurs!)
How You Can Help:
There are many reasons why I have opened up this Patreon. Extra money would be great so I can spend less time worrying about finances and more time doing what I love. Critique would be nice because I'm always striving to improve. Support and comments are awesome because I have low self-esteem to begin with, so even a "Wow, good job!" means a lot to me.
A Little Bit More About Me:
To put it bluntly, these characters and stories are my life. I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but it's all I've done and all I've wanted to do ever since I could first hold a pencil. I was never (and am not still) confident in my work, partially due to my anxiety disorder and my other mental illnesses. I was diagnosed as bipolar type 1 at a very young age, and though it's been rough, I've never let my disabilities make me give up. I believe anyone else out there that suffers from mental illness- or ANY type of ailment- that they have the power to make their dreams possible.
So, my message to everyone out there?
Don't let your hardships define who you are.

I hope you guys enjoy my content, every donation counts!! Thank you so much for viewing my page, and have a wonderful day/night!
$0 of $700 per month
This is enough to help me replenish all of my art supplies as well as *drumroll* UPGRADE FROM TVPAINT EDUCATIONAL TO PROFESSIONAL!!! That means that I will be able to make more animations in higher quality, and be one step closer to achieving my dream of being a full-time animator for my own original series! If I reach this goal, I'll cry. And I'll probably make a video of that cry so I remember how good it made me feel for the rest of my life.
All creepiness aside though, thank you for all of your support, whether you're on the lowest or highest tier!!!
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