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About Pirates Prospects

Pirates Prospects provides the most detailed coverage of the Pirates' system that you can find. Getting accurate information on every player in the system is what fuels our analysis, and gives us a unique insight on the Pirates.

The coverage it takes to get that information is neither easy, nor cheap. A lot of our readers have asked how they can help Pirates Prospects with this coverage, so we've created this Patreon page to allow for additional donations to the site, outside of your normal subscription costs. The donation money goes 100% to our writers and staff in the efforts of always trying to improve the site's coverage of the Pirates and their entire system.

Any donation will help the site, but we have created tiers and rewards for the different levels of donations.

The Rookie tier is for any donation of $5 or more per month. Anyone who donates $5 or more will get a 10% off code to use in the Pirates Prospects store, which will allow you to purchase one of our eBooks at a discount.

The Pro tier is for donations of $10 or more per month. In addition to the 10% off code in the rookie tier, anyone in this tier will get a special monthly column, exclusive to Patreon supporters.

Each tier is a monthly donation, but you're welcome to cancel after the initial payment if you only want a one-time contribution. Members of the Pro tier will receive their column on the first day of the following month, and will continue to receive columns for as long as their monthly donation is active.

We also have a third tier, which is our All-Star tier for anyone who donates $100 or more. I don't expect anyone to donate $100 or more on a monthly basis, but anyone who donates that amount on a one-time basis will get a full year of monthly Patreon columns, and will also get a phone call from Tim Williams to discuss the Pirates. And if anyone does donate $100 or more on multiple occasions, they will get multiple calls.

More tiers and benefits may be announced in the future.

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