Pit Stops for Hope is creating Hope for U.S. Children in Poverty

PSFH Community Team

$1 /mo
Congratulations you are officially in the fight against Child Poverty in the United States! To show our appreciation you will have exclusive access to Ray Wright's video blog that updates you on al...

Poverty Fighter

$5 /mo
Not only will you get access to Ray Wright's PSFH video news blog, you'll receive a personal video message from the PSFH Crew thanking you for your donation!

Poverty Warrior

$10 /mo
You'll have access to Ray Wright's PSFH video blog, a personal Thank You message from the Pit Stops for Hope Crew and you'll receive a Brendan Gaughan Hero Card from when he wheeled the PSFH car!

Hope Dealer

$25 /mo
Congratulations, you're a legitimate Hope Dealer and you have to show that! So not only will you get access to the blog, and the hero card, you'll also get a PSFH Flex Fit hat so you can show other...

Pit Stops for Hope Member

$50 /mo
Your $600 a year gets you everything seen below. On top of that you will have access to our Exclusive "Team Pit Stops for Hope" video meetings. You'll have access to watch our meetings with the guy...

Pit Stops for Hope "Crew" Member

$100 /mo
We will now hear your ideas on how we can make a difference in the community! You'll be Skyped in to our meetings, while you're wearing your PSFH hat, waving your Brendan Gaughan Hero card. This or...

Pit Stops for Hope Official Corportate Sponsor

$250 /mo
As an official corporate sponsor of Pit Stops for Hope your logo will be every where we are, and we travel all around the United States! You will be featured on our "track sales board" that we use ...