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is creating Hope for U.S. Children in Poverty
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About Pit Stops for Hope

1 in 5 Children are food insecure in America today. 1 in 5 American Children are also living in Poverty. Since 2013 PSFH has worked to support local hunger organizations as well as educators to fight the battle against poverty. Please visit www.pitstopsforhope.org for our complete story.
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Pit Stops for Hope focuses on two areas that can eliminate poverty.
#1 Feeding our youth. 1 in 5 kids living in America are food insecure, 1 in 4 kids are food insecure in North Carolina. Kids need nutrient rich foods so that their brain will develop properly thus helping them to excel in school.
#2 We support educators and education. We have donated over $25K to teachers and schools all over the USA. We need kids with full bellies sitting in a classroom fully equipped for them to learn at the highest levels possible.
Our long term goal is to have a learning facility located in Winston Salem, NC that will not only provide learning recourses for our youth after school and in the summer months but also provide meals for our food insecure students around the clock. Please consider donating to our cause monthly!
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