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I'm Sharle
(Like Charlie, with a Sssh) 
amateur artist & model, mediocre illustrator & explorer of the wild.
I live the Top End, Australia (where there's lots of beach and bushlands)
so there are plenty of places to explore.

I've been online & creating art since about 2012. I started taking self shot photographs while I was  in a really bad place ; struggling with long term body image / chronic un-diagnosed illness / depression + anxiety / unhealthy relationships..  and to be honest I don't know where I would be to this day without it, and all the amazing support from friends & fans I've met online. In 2017 after a really bad episode of stomach illness that lead me to being hospitalized, I was finally diagnosed (after a giant struggle) with Chronic Gastroparesis, Eosinophilic Esophagitus, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder (Asperger's)

Why pledge to my Patreon? 

In return for your pledge & support, you will gain access to content made exclusively for Patreon, plus lots of first previews for offsite content. Depending on your pledge level, thank-you perks include things like handwritten fansigns, hand-drawn artwork, access to my personal journal - photo blog, digital self shot & professional photo sets, one-of-a-kind Polaroids & heaps more fun stuff like my Snapchat and Skype ! 

Your pledge will help me further my knowledge & ability as an artist. Plus treat myself occasionally to fun things like holidays to meet and create with other artists :) Working vvv casually in hospitality + being a freelance artist isn't the most lucrative way to make a living, on top of living with a few different chronic illnesses... so your support literally means the world to me !! 

Thanks for stopping by, && thankyou for all your support ! <3

((P.S - All photographs on here are like, mine and the respective photographers, and you don't have permission to take any from here and post them anywhere else, no third parties blah blah etc.)) 

((P.P.S - profile photo by BigVin
header photography by
Catalina Briceno Photography
Ben Honey (Beenectar)
Rope work self tied + shot))

36% complete
Help me repair and/or upgrade my Digital Camera!

Somehow I managed to get a sunspot or speck of dirt on my camera internal lense :(

I'm hoping to repair it, but regardless, it would be awesome to upgrade to a slightly higher DSLR (I mean I've shot some nice stuff with the one I have, but it isnt much better then my Pixel 2 camera phone right now.)
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