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About Fornax

Hello! My name is Wim and I make pixeldrain.

Pixeldrain is a file sharing website I started building in 2015 to make it easier to share screenshots with my friends. Since then the website has been growing steadily. Now we're at a point where thousands of people depend on pixeldrain to get their files seen across the world every day!

I'm building this website with a few core values, which are:
  • Anonymity - I'll never ask for personal information unless I really have to
  • Privacy - Pixeldrain doesn't follow its users around. The website is also does not include files from any external sources. No tracking scripts, fonts, stylesheets or cookies.
  • Speed - The modern web is slow, really slow. If a page takes more than a second to load it's a bug in my opinion. I'm doing everything in my power to make pixeldrain as fast as possible.

The website costs a lot of money and time to maintain. As you can imagine we can't just send 60 TB across the web every day without racking up some hefty bandwidth bills. So that's why I have a Patreon now!

By supporting pixeldrain on Patreon you support me on my mission to make sharing files easier and faster for everyone. And while doing so you can get some neat benefits too!
$262.19 of $1,187.72 per month
It's time to conquer Asia / Oceania! Servers in that area are very expensive, I can't afford it with just ad revenue. When we reach this goal I will put a server in Singapore.
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