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About PixelMarket

What is PixelMarket?
PixelMarket is a multivendor marketplace for buying and selling virtual items and services. We protect sellers from unwarranted charge back and buyers from sellers who want to run off and leave buyers trying to get their money back.  Due to a high amount of attempted fraud and "friendly fraud" (where people lie to PayPal or their financial institutions), there is 0 room for any payments made to the developer(s) who created and maintain (on a daily basis) PixelMarket.

Why a Patreon?
Its a difficult business model to keep up, and the site has been operating like this for just over two years now, with all money staying directly in the site's PayPal in order to pay for costs such as server hosting and other applications that are required. This Patreon page will not only help the site stay afloat, but it will also allow us to push out new features (plenty planned) and updates to the site much more quickly.

We want PixelMarket to be a community-driven site, unlike any of its competitors, which are for the most part, all owned by private companies from the far East. They care about one thing: profits.  While it's important to make a profit in order to stay alive, we think it's also important that our users have a say and are able to lend a hand in order to truly make it a community-based website.

What's in it for you guys?
Aside from knowing that you're helping the site keep grinding, with new features being worked on, there are a few perks that can be obtained. All of these can be seen over on the right side of the screen.  Our Discord is also very active and growing, and we'd love for anyone and everyone to join, as we also have a #suggestions channel where we welcome suggestions that could help improve the site and the user's experience on the site.

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