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About Mathew Groves

Help Mat Groves build PixiJS and move the web forward.

What is PixiJS?

PixiJS is a free open-source 2D engine that is used behind the scenes to make some of the best animated websites and the slickest HTML5 games. It gives you the power of complicated graphics technology (WebGL) in a simple library.

I started creating PixiJS in 2013 with the help of my creative partner when we decided to found our company. We saw the web change dramatically, driven by the rise of mobile platforms, but the technology required to build content to reach them was not easily accessible to everyone.

We created an engine that abstracts all the low-level, convoluted parts to enable anyone (including ourselves!) to create fast, advanced content on the web without needing a computer science degree.

As long-time free software enthusiasts, we decided to build PixiJS in the open from the start, and that strategy was proved successful, dozens of people have jumped on board and helped us with bugfixes and other features, playing a key part in developing the codebase and community.   

Since then, key players in our industry (Google, Adobe, BBC, Disney, PBS etc.) have trusted PixiJS and leveraged it to build large, groundbreaking websites that have won pretty much every the prestigious industry award there is, such as Cannes Lions, Webby, FWA Adobe Cutting Edge, Creative Circle and lots more.

Why should I contribute?

Running a company is tremendously time-consuming, and as I’ve become more involved in the growth of our business the amount of time that I can spend on PixiJS decreases. A tiny-mouth-to-feed grabs yet more of that time ;)

Your support would allow me to delegate some of my responsibility towards the company and spend more time improving the PixiJS engine and its ecosystem. I would love to place the technological barrier of entry even lower, and build an overall better experience for its community.

Pixi will of course continue to grow and evolve over time anyway, but with your contributions we can expedite that growth and work closely with yourselves and the PixiJS community to create a roadmap for how we prioritise its evolution.

What will we spend it on?

There are two main areas that we will endeavour to improve with your help:


PixiJS has a proven track record being used by some of the biggest tech firms and agencies in the world. And whilst it’s great for those in-the-know, we know we could do better to get newcomers up to speed more efficiently.

Examples:The hope is we can create a documented live example of each feature of PixiJS enabling you to learn and play around with. Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn

Documentation: Improve the documentation. Let’s face it, our docs need some love. We need to spend some quality time tightening them up and adding small usage examples of each class

Tutorials: Write some comprehensive tutorials introducing not only the basics but also how to utilize some of PixiJS' more advanced features to create next level content.


There are a TONNE of great features that we would love to get into PixiJS. These include some really amazing and valuable features that will allow you to create truly next level content. In development at the moment are:

Pixi Flip: The 3D plugin for PixiJS that lets you rotate all Pixi objects in 3D space and render simple models. Great for super slick UIs and simple 3D games/objects. All this whilst maintaining PixiJS' super-speedy performance. Check out the prototype here:

Pixi Lights: A realtime lighting engine. We plan to include a deferred lighting system that will make your content look absolutely stunning! Check out the prototype here:

Pixi Flash: We are also very keen to create a flash exporter that will allow you to leverage the the power of flash's wonderful animation tools and publish straight to PixiJS. This will empower designers to make amazing animations using the Flash IDE that can be easily exported to PixiJS.

On top of that having more PixiJS time will allow us to refine and optimise the features we already have and work more closely with the community to decide where to take the engine next.

Thanks for your time!

When it comes to supporting PixiJS, a little goes a long way. All of the features mentioned are going to happen eventually but with your help we can make it happen now! Whether you are making the next multi award winning website or a killer game, all PixiJS users win!

So if you use PixiJS at work and you want to help us make your job even easier and more efficient, then why not help us out :D

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Get the documentation in order with usage examples of each class in the docs
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