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About Pixlriffs

Hello everyone! My name is Pixlriffs. You might know me as the voice of Hermitcraft Recap, or perhaps you've even found my YouTube channel. I’m a Minecraft player and I love to build! Since 2014 I've been using the channel to share my passion for building in Tutorials, Let's Play series, and many other videos. I’ve learned a lot since then, met a bunch of awesome people, and I’m happy to have a fantastic community.

With your help, I can continue sharing my discoveries and experiences in Minecraft and other games. Your pledges will help me take my channel to the next level - I can invest more time into making videos, improve my recording gear, and build even more crazy stuff!
In return, you'll get a bunch of neat rewards, and your input will shape the future of my channel.
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Convention budget!
This kind of support would be a dream come true, and would allow me to get out to yearly gaming conventions like Minecon or PAX - where I'd be able to attend panels, hold meetups, and connect with the community IRL.
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