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Magick is pretend... and pretending is powerful! On the Placebo Magick Podcast we explore how and why to cast spells, perform rituals, read Tarot cards, commune with fictional beings, and delve into ancient and contemporary mythologies to gain real psychological benefits and treat modern problems... all while remaining grounded in a science-based, atheistic worldview. We aim to keep the baby and throw out the bathwater—integrating wisdom from humanity's rich history of spirituality, religion, and magick while growing beyond our scientific and ethical missteps.

New episodes are released 1-4 times per month, plus the Patreon-Exclusive Bonus Show released between regular episodes. Patreon subscribers pledge to give an amount of money per each episode of the main show, but subscribing also gives you access to all past episodes of the Patreon-Exclusive Bonus Show. (New Bonus Show episodes come out between episodes of the main podcast.)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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