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With only a few dollars a month, you’ll be covering essential functions of keeping a space open from garden and regenerative systems supplies, utilities, insurance and general maintenance.

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For the cost of 3 cups of coffee, you can help us cover the difference in rent that we are not receiving from our usual ticket sales from events or tuition from classes. 

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Contribute to our efforts in mutual aid: for example: medicine making, political organizing, food distribution and preparation. 




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About PLACE (People Linking Art Community & Ecology)

PLACE is a public-serving community center in Oakland, CA that showcases regenerative design, sustainable living practices, urban agro-ecology, community resiliency & preparedness, social & ecological justice, artistic expression and public placemaking.

Since 2011, we have been reliant on the revenue generated from having a physical space to host our publicly accessible classes, events, community functions and memberships in our shared art studios. With the shelter-in-place order put into effect in March, we have seen a 75% drop in revenue and our savings only allowed us to cover the deficit for the first two months. Our monthly expenses are between $5,500 and $6,000, and include rent, utilities, liability insurance and maintenance. While we were fortunate to receive a 45% discount on our rent for April and May, we still need to cover the shortfall of just over $3,000 per month for those 2 months with an uncertainty about any relief coming after May.

Unfortunately we didn't receive the federal pandemic relief offered through the Small Business Administration or a few other grants that we were really counting on. As a result we are launching this Patreon page as a way to keep us in operation for the coming months as shelter-in-place has been extended for an unforeseeable amount of time. We are turning to our community to become a monthly patron/contributor to help us through this time.

Despite being closed to the public, PLACE’s intention has been to continue to act as a resource for our community. We began making hand sanitizers and herbal medicines to support the elders and immuno-compromised neighbors. Moreover, we have continued to support our grassroots sister organizations on food and hygiene kit distributions to our houseless neighbors throughout North and West Oakland.

Additionally, we needed to shift our focus from our in-person classes/events to an online delivery of these offerings. With your patronage, we will grow our online education via Crowdcast and other social media. We ask for your generosity to allow us to continue to carry on this work. In addition to a majority of free offerings, we wish to continue working with independent teachers and performing artists who we would like to support financially as we had in the past. As a result, we anticipate some classes, workshops and events will be offered for a sliding scale fee that will be split between PLACE and the teacher/artist.

Please consider donating and becoming a patron so we may secure our center, continue supporting our free outreach endeavors and educational offerings, in addition to helping us step up our online classes, workshops and events that will support teachers and performing artists who have also been affected by this shelter-in-place order. We want to continue to be a community resource and we are open to feedback as to what and how that could look like. Contact us by email: [email protected]

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