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About Angi Shearstone

I'm Angi Shearstone, and also Sidney Arcane, and I need time, rent, groceries, and cat food.

Preparing for a long-overdue reboot of my Patreon page, I was amazed by what was here before, which ended with:

"I’ve got a LOT more BloodDreams in store for 2016, and I hope you'll come along for the ride!"


Let's just say 2016 did not go as planned. At the end of September 2016, I got into a car accident. I ended up with mTBI (mild traumatic brain injury) and over 3 years of post-concussion syndrome. This severely affected, well, EVERYTHING, particularly my ability to create, support myself, and generally participate in life. It sucked. A lot.

And now, after stumbling over yet more obstacles, both personal and big picture, over the past year, I'm back. I hope.

Now that my brain is over the worst of the worst, I'm painting, writing, & blogging about it all, and trying to get back up to speed. That's what you'll be supporting here: A creator who had a lot going on when it all went foom on her, trying to get as much back as possible.

So. Who am I and what do I do?
Writing: (soon to be redesigned)

Published stories:


Finishing BloodDreams is the most specific thing on the agenda, just as a novel for now. I don't know when I'll get back to the heavy load of comics and graphic novels. The rest of the slate is more generic: a bunch of blog posts, many paintings, and some short stories.

Right now, March is TBI Awareness month, and that struck me as good inspiration to get things rolling – kick off the reboot by blogging some details about my experience. My issues may be mostly in the past and technically on the "mild" end of that spectrum, but now I have more mental resources to get into the details. Theoretically.

Patronage provides:
• Notice via Patreon of when new blog posts go up. This will likely turn into a newletter at some point, but not immediately.
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• Digital art goodies like wall paper
• Physical art goodies like cards, postcards, & prints.
• Sneak peek excerpts of stories I'm working on.
• Down the line I'll look into Discord or Twitch engagement, but I want to get this thing consistent first.
• Also, potentially videos:
I used to make videos! The cutest ones looked like this:

If we reach higher levels of support, I'll generate one of these per month, probably mostly the cats, but occasional art-process or video-blog stuff.

I aim to create and get back what I lost.

I hope you'll support me on this second-shot journey!

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At $500/month, I will
  • commit to at least one video per month
  • set higher goals
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