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You have stumbled on to the Patreon for the Plaid Hatter. I am here to develop a new art form, what I call the "Text Adventure Sandbox." In it, AI agents, human crafted stories, and user imagination will combine to produce a storytelling medium like none before.

Why text? Because a writer has an infinite special effects budget. For all of the awe inspiring graphics from, say, Fallout or Mass Effect, at the end of the day your interactions come down to one of 4 different choices. Plus the "smut" scenes are awful!

The tentative name for this project is the Clay framework. Clay depends on a few other technologies, also in development:

  • Tao Library: An family of object oriented frameworks for the Tcl language.
  • Toadhttpd: An object oriented web framework for the Tcl language.
These tools can be packed as a standalone executable for Windows, Linux, and Mac (using an embedded browser.) Or they can run on as a website, either using Toadhttpd as a standalone webserver, or as an SCGI process within a larger website.

Unlike most of the games you have experienced in the past, the NPCs in Clay are doing their own things in the background. They have goals. And foibles.

Clay is also a sandbox. In Clay the player can change the world, literally and figuratively. They can build structures. They can destroy structures. They can tag bathroom walls with rude sayings. The entire world is text, and most of that text is changeable and scriptable.

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