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Anything will help. So for a dollar we'll send ya some stickers to tide ya over each month till you can afford to join a higher tier. LOL
(Also as with every Tier you will get special access to our Podcasts for Patreon episodes, music, and special audio delights) For a limited time we'll also throw in a PLEX Pass help us pay for the server. 

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Just like Planets and Wormholes money is really better spent on things like gasoline and matches. But why not help us to keep contributing to the flood of information that's on the vastness of the web and online world that we live in these days. Our stories are true and your contributions to our project will not go unnoticed. Besides we need money to make stickers and things for the other tiers, so you can start here and hopefully work your way up. It'll really be appreciated and there will be much rejoicing.  
With this tier level you'll get a shout out on the podcast and some awesome stickers and maybe even some postcards from placed we've never been but want to visit! LOL :D
For a limited time you will also get a Pro PLEX Pass with this Tier Level! But in the future the Basic PLEX Access will only include TV Shows, Music, and Anime sections of the server.


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Just like Planets and Wormholes, nothing really exists. But COOL STUFF & JUNK does so this is a really COOL tier to be at. You'll get exclusive content from the creators of the Planet_Wormhole podcast to include frivolous things that we'll send to you randomly. You'll really enjoy this tier level as we collect your mailing address and send you things as a special thanks for supporting our projects and a Christmas Card from Rachel and Matt. You'll also get stickers, pokemon, sex toys, and extra bars of hotel soap that we've gathered over the years. You'll also get a special episode of Mattstrax with a shout out to download, as well as other exclusive content not available anywhere else. We will also thank you extensively by giving you access to an exclusive Pro PLEX Pass to our Wormhole Server with loads of always online streaming content. (The Pro access will include TV Shows, Music, Anime, Latest Movies, and classic Godzilla flicks.) :D  

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About Planet_Wormhole

Greetings Earthlings! Welcome to the Planet_Wormhole [Wormhole_Planet] Podcast Patreon. 
We are Rachel & Matt Smith (@getoffmyplanet & @wormhole_matt) and we'd love to have you on board as we produce some interesting content, media, music, and just some plain good old fashioned entertainment for you. 
Join us as we discuss the current climate and state of the world we live in (from our perspectives), wormhole theories, and many other hot topics! Mental Health Awareness will be an ongoing topic of discussion with special focus put on relationships that struggle due to mental illness.
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When we reach $150 a month we will start a special podcast series where we will interview 1 patron every month. 
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