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The Planetary Potential podcast is for those who are eager to explore entrepreneurship, innovation, and cross-cultural communication in exciting and interesting places around the world. I'm your host, Andrew P. Rowan.

From 2013 to 2018 I was based in Vietnam, where—in different cities (Hanoi, Saigon, and Da Nang) and at different times—I worked with the €11 million Finland-Vietnam Innovation Partnership Program, which accelerated growth for Vietnam-based startups with support from the governments of Vietnam and Finland, as well as with other public sector supported innovation initiatives. I chronicled many of my experiences and the views of an assortment of local, diaspora, and foreigner perspectives in my first book, Startup Vietnam: Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Socialist Republic.

Since 2018 I've been traveling to places like Mexico, Egypt, Indonesia, and Peru where I've either worked with local entrepreneurs or I've given talks/presented at events. In 2019, during a five-week trip to Peru while working with the Swiss Entrepreneurship Program, I began recording the Planetary Potential podcast, which features 20 interviews with founders, investors, and other ecosystem actors/operators through the geographic lens of Peru (Piura and Lima). 

The name of the podcast comes from the belief that there is talent (and potential) everywhere (across the planet), it's opportunities that are lacking. My aim is to shine some light on some interesting activities and provide access to a group of folks you can only get by traveling to and being on-the-ground in a particular locale. Eventually, I would like replicate this seasonal model for other markets, especially in Africa and Asia. And, I'd love to write another book along the way. :)

Whether you contribute or not, the best support you can give is just listening to the show and sharing it with others—thank you!
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Season 2 recording will most likely be in November 2019 in a TBD location. Reaching this goal will lock in Season 3 and Season 4. (I'm ~30% of the way on the Vietnam season interviews, which will be a future season—3 or 4.)
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