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This Patreon is a little different. I won't offer discrete rewards at different pledge levels. Instead, for every dollar that you pledge, you will receive $1 in ChiliBucks that you can redeem at your leisure for a variety of perks.

Perks range from shout-outs and getting messages read in videos to getting 1-on-1 live support or suggesting Chili tutorial videos on topics of your choice. Pledge as little or as much as you like on any given month.
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About Chili

The Planet Chili series of tutorial videos takes you from zero programming experience to the level of a skilled C++ programmer with close-to-the-metal knowledge and a strong grounding in graphics theory. Whether your goal be to create a custom engine based on Direct3D or OpenGL, or to create a game using a pre-made engine like Unreal Engine 4, this tutorial series' focus on fundamental skills will give you the tools you need to succeed.

For more information about Planet Chili and the video series, visit my YouTube channel or check out the Planet Chili forums.

The tutorial videos will always be made available free of charge. However, I have routinely been asked by people in the community about how they can donate to support my videos further, and so I've made this Patreon. The money you pledge will go to pay for equipment and software, and if there is enough support, to enable me to reduce the hours at my day job by a day or two a month so that I can devote that time to creating more content!

The reward system I'm using for this Patreon is a little different than usual. Instead of giving one-off rewards like a T-shirt or some other goods for supporting at a certain tier, I've decided to keep track of how much you have pledged, and allow you to select rewards based on that amount.  Each $1 USD you pledge in total will earn you $1 in ChiliBucks you can redeem for perks and rewards. This is a little more flexible, in that you can support at the amount you want to and get whatever rewards you want. Pledges are processed monthly to keep things nice and simple.

In addition ChiliBucks I will release periodic bonus content that all active Patrons will get links to. This won't be tutorial content, as I do not want to lock that stuff away behind a pay wall. Expect things like unedited long form videos of me just doing some programming or other tech stuff, maybe some gaming stuff, or just some unscripted/unedited talks about technology/science subjects. There may also be Patreon-only livestreams or hangouts to discuss things like what content you would like to see for Patreon videos etc.

Here is a tentative list of rewards and their redeem value in ChiliBucks:

  • Unlocking previous Patreon videos: $2 / video (see this page for a list of unlockable videos)
  • Shout-out and have a short message/question read out in a v-log video: $8
  • Private Skype session (programming help or whatever): $10 / 15 minutes
  • Commission custom tutorial video: $3~$6 per minute (min. 10 minutes)

Things like the custom videos are of course subject to my skill in the area and my interest level in the topic. If you have any ideas for other rewards you'd like to see on this list, let me know! I'm always looking for better ways to reward my Patrons.

Thanks for all your support!
- Chili
$394.82 of $500 per month
If I can get this level of support, I'd like to reduce my hours at my day job by a couple of days a month which I will dedicate to creating more content for Planet Chili.
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