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Planet 1 is for those who enjoy my content and want to offer a small token of support.

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Planet 2 is for those who really enjoy my content and want to offer a little more support in exchange for a shoutout on a video (link description or recorded shout out).

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Planet Nateblox is for those who really enjoy my content and understand my desire to succeed. Giving me the opportunity to work towards purchasing new equipment and donate a portion of funds to children my age in need.  In exchange, you will get a personalized surprise! 




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About Planet Nateblox

Hi everyone,
I am so happy to begin my journey creating gaming and sports videos on YouTube.
I love playing Roblox and creating characters with the game and also collecting merchandise through my saved allowance. I enjoy playing soccer as part of an indoor league and playing other sports like baseball, floor hockey and basketball at summer camp.

Because I am a kid, my parents are helping me every step of the way. We are hoping that in time, people will love my YouTube channel enough to want to help support me in creating the videos I am interested in making. Our long term goal is to get enough money to purchase my own computer, camera and other equipment to make the best videos and eventually earn enough to give a portion of my earnings to other kids my age who are less fortunate or in difficult situations. 

My mom has always said that that I have a great business and analytical mind and my dad has always said I have an architectural mind. The truth is I also have a creative mindset and I want to somehow combine my love of gaming (Roblox specifically) and passion for sports.

Please consider donating whatever you can to offer your support and let's see where this journey will take me :)

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When I reach 20 Patrons, I will be able to get a new piece of equipment like my own camera to record great videos or new editing software which I can use to I edit my videos and learn new techniques. 
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