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About Plantful

It's lovely to see you here! ♡

I'm Sarah, a crystal and plant-loving artist living in San Francisco, CA. I created Plantful with the intention to share and connect with others about something that changed my life in the biggest way: my bullet journal. Over the past couple of years, not only has my bullet journal given me a way to plan and organize my life, get in a little creative me-time every day, and help me manifest my goals and dreams, but it's also given me the opportunity to create resources that can help others do the same

If you're someone who enjoys my art and bullet journal, a pledge would allow me to keep creating content for Plantful, help me move closer to my dreams, and give you some extra special goodies in return!

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★ Buy new equipment
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★ Have more time to create and do what I love!

 Your support of Plantful and my work, in any way, means the universe to me and I feel incredibly blessed to be able to inspire your unique journey. ♡

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