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About Plant-Powered People


A few years ago we quit our jobs so we could focus full-time on creating a better world. For the past few years, we've worked together to bring resources to life to educate and support people along a healthy, sustainable, animal-friendly path. We produced dozens of free-access videos, created high-quality plant-based meal plans that have helped thousands go vegan, we started a podcast, and we released our first mini-documentary. We are doing our best to find ways to fund our efforts through conscious company collaborations and product sales, but we still spend much of our time trying to pay the bills.

That's where Patreon comes in. Patreon gives the opportunity for those of you who appreciate our free content to support our work monthly, with a donation as little as $2 a month. Our supporters here on Patreon enable us to dedicate more time to projects like our documentaries and podcast, but also to pay for the many, many expenses involved with bringing these to life. 

To continue this work to the best of our abilities and do even more, we need help. We hope you'll consider being a part of our mission to inspire a healthier, kinder world. 


I still remember the moment. The moment we decided we wanted to start making documentaries. We had just watched the premiere of What The Health in Los Angeles and we knew that the film would profoundly impact anyone who stumbled across it. Documentaries, we feel, may be the most impactful way to inspire positive change. Driving home from the premiere event, the seed was planted in our minds: we wanted to make a documentary together. 

Well, it turns out it can cost hundreds-of-thousands of dollars (or more!) and can take more than a year of focused work to produce a documentary that has a chance of getting on Netflix. Without that kind of financial resources, and as total newbies to documentary filmmaking, we had a lot to learn and figure out.

So...we decided to start with a series of mini-documentaries. We dubbed the series "7 Days" and got to work.

The idea? We follow everyday people who volunteer to eat fully plant-based for 7 days as we document their journey to show just how much their health and life can change in just one week.

We've already released our very first mini-documentary. You can watch it at:

We learned a ton and would do a million things differently the next time around. And that's where (we hope!) you come in. We're eager to continue on our mission to share how going plant-based can impact life through short-but-impactful films, but need to find a way to cover the costs and enabling us to carve out the time to create more films. 

If you'd like to support our work, your support through Patreon would mean the world to us. All of the funds donated here will go toward expenses relating to our documentary series, our podcast, our free-access videos, and other projects we hope to bring to the world.  


Life is always easier and more exciting when you have friends to share in your journey, and the path to plant-based living is no exception! On the Plant-Powered People Podcast , we have real, uncensored conversations with folks who’ve embraced plant-based living and openly share their experiences overcoming obstacles in the most graceful (and sometimes not-so-graceful) ways.

We (Toni Okamoto and  Michelle Cehn) bring to life new podcast episodes every other week to help people tackle everyday challenges like being the only vegan in the family, working at a non-veg restaurant job, and more. 

As the founders of  Plant-Based on a Budget and  World of Vegan, we have been hearing the same questions from our communities for years, and many of them fall outside of our personal field of experience. Sure, we can share great resources for vegan moms, but nothing will replace talking to a vegan mom in person about the real-life struggles and strategies for living (and loving!) the vegan life. 

That was the inspiration for starting this podcast. We want to provide better answers, better support, and a greater sense of community for all those out there looking for guidance and in need of a hand. 

We deeply believe in the power of this podcast to help people along their plant-based journey, and we want to keep this project alive and free for all for many years to come. And that's where you come in :)

Your support through Patreon will help us pay the bills, invest in podcasting equipment, hire an editor, and keep this project a priority. 

Whether you contribute $2 or $200, it all makes a difference. We both invest our income right back into creating more resources to help people eat healthfully and align their food choices with their existing values of compassion, and this is no exception. We want to help everyone—people and animals, live their best life. 

We've outlined some perks to say "Thank you" for your support here on Patreon, and we hope you'll check them out!

With lots of love and gratitude,
Toni & Michelle
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When we reach $250 per month we'll be able to cover our podcast expenses, and as a thank you, we'll let YOU (our patrons) vote for who to bring on as a future podcast guest!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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