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Pictures of My Cats
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Digital pictures of the cats that live in my house, sent to you via text or Facebook or whatever other digital avenue you prefer.  Might be two photos (as there are two cats who live here), or might be a dozen.  Who knows?!

Also you'll be added to the Platyfly Patrons Party Facebook group.

Behind the Scenes Access
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  • Be the first to see new supplies as they come in
  • Be the first to see finished prototypes of new products
  • Entry into the Patrons-only Facebook group that's home to behind-the-scenes content including first-look photos and livestreams from The Alveary
Crafting Q&A
per month

Ask a question about a crafting technique, and I'll answer it if I can.  Maybe on camera! Maybe in writing! We'll see where the mood takes me.  Links to YouTube how-tos may be employed for visuals.

 Also you'll be added to the Platyfly Patrons Party Facebook group. 




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About Platyfly Studios

Hi there! My name is Katt.  I am an Indianapolis-based artist who is having a go at being a business owner.  You can learn more about my business Platyfly Studios by visiting any of my social media accounts or my Etsy store, but essentially, I create handcrafted, fantasy-inspired clothing and accessories.  I have special interest in clothing my fellow larger-than-average curvy people, because we have a really tough time finding awesome clothes.

I started this Patreon account to help myself survive as I'm doing everything else I can to feed my business.  Businesses are hungry critters, so I tend to put its needs before mine.  Which can be a bit of a problem.  Patreon allows me to have some extra money coming in and earmark it to ONLY be spent on my personal living expenses.  Having this help from my wonderful supporters has been a lifesaver on more than on occasion.

I do hope you'll join us!
$142 of $720 per month
Monthly Living Expenses
It can take from three to five years for a new business to become profitable, meaning that it can take from three to five years before Platyfly Studios will generate enough income to both be self-sustaining and support me.  Thus, the primary purpose of this Patreon page is to fund my monthly living expenses.  Here is a rough breakdown of what you're helping me do when you subscribe:
  • Human rent: $445.00/mo
  • Pet supplies: $25.00/mo
  • Gas: $40.00/mo
  • Medications: $60.00/mo
  • Pet health fund: $50.00/mo
  • Household expenses: $50.00/mo
  • Emergency money: $50.00/mo
Any additional funds generated by this Patreon page will be put toward business expenses.

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