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Hi, Hi, my name is Behzad ( my friends call me Bez ). I am an animation professional that has been making 3D animated cartoons for over fifteen years. I have been lucky to work on many amazing franchizes such as Toy Story, Cars, Spiderman and Lego Batman. I started out as an animator but nowadays am more focused on Directing and Cinematography.

I grew up with comics in our house, to be honest, they all belonged to my older brother. Mainly European comics like Tintin, Asterix, and Lucky Luke. Superhero comics weren't really a thing for us. When we left Iran and immigrated to Canada my connection to comics were lost. Kids at my school didn't read comics, they only played basketball and pog. It wasn't till my 20s when I got my first animation job in the industry as an animator working on the animated Spiderman TV show for MTV that a coworker began to educate me on North American comics. He slowly drip fed me comics and before I knew it I was at the comic book story every Wednesday looking forward to the new arrivals.

Over the years I began to feel sad when I went into comic book stores. Deep down I really wanted to make comics but I felt so insecure about my art and lack of skill in storytelling. So I basically pushed that desire deep down. It wasn't until 15 years later when I came to Toronto for an animation gig that things began to change. I was inspired to see so many great Canadian artists like Kate Beaton, Jeff Lemire, and Bryan Lee O'Malley create their comics in Toronto. Now to me, great comics weren't a European or an American thing anymore, Canadians could and were making great comics and maybe I could too.

So here I am now, following my creative love for comics and dipping my feet and pen in new waters. I hope you enjoy what I am up to with the Misadventures of Lulu and Bow and thank you for supporting me. And if you want to see some of my animated work check out my website at


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