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Access to Patreon only chat commands! Be the envy of everyone in chat. (Use !iloveplayingboardgames in chat, more will follow depending on what you guys want to be able to do.)
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A stream care package of business cards, a couple magnets and a few posters to hang up above your bed or in a local board game or hobby store. Spread the love like some sort of infectious disease. All previous reward levels included.
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Custom in chat greeting from Cthulhu_Bot every time you first say something in chat. Feel like royalty as the sleeping chaos beneath the sea treats you like a king or queen. All previous reward levels included.




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About Playing Board Games

With your support we will be able to create a better quality stream and provide more content for you guys to see. Also we want to spread the word about board games to the people who think the only games out there are Monopoly. Our goal with our stream is to provide a fun, safe and welcoming environment to come in and watch a bunch of people play board games. Thanks for all your support, we are really building a great community here!
$9.13 of $25 per month
When we hit this goal we will start a weekly segment where we play games with chat. Patreon Subscribers will have top priority.
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