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Hi, I'm Chris! You might know me by ExVee, but either way if you're here I hope it's because you've found my photographic work and like what you've seen. I've been taking photos of toys for basically my entire adult life - ever since my family got our first digital camera back around 2000. It's something I came to really enjoy, and especially in the last several years as I've pushed myself to improve more and more, something I want to share with others. But it's not just the photos I want to share; I want to share things I've learned. I want to help you on the road to taking great photos of toys (and I think a lot of what I've figured out can help in other kinds of photography too) because if I can do it, anyone can. And hey, maybe it won't take you 15 years before you make a major breakthrough and start producing really awesome stuff!

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