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every penny counts!
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honestly anything you can give is helpful in one form or another!
it really adds up!
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whatever you can give is worth it! thank you!
a stack of books!
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maybe not enough for the textbooks, but definitely enough for some related material 




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oh, wow... you actually looked down here?! uh.. ok... my name is actually alex, i'll be a sophmore in highschool next year, I like to draw, I try to keep my grades above b's and mostly a's, and I'm trying use all of the options available for me so I can get my degree! 

uh... I want to go into the field of robotics engineering, its always been thoroughly fascinating to me

uh.. what else... um... the picture I use as my profile pic is from a little game made by two guys in estonia, the game is
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over the next 36 months, if I get $833/month at least I can pay my way through all of college without taking out any loans!
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