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About Pleasure Pie

Pleasure Pie is a small sexuality activist organization based in Boston, MA. We make zines*, illustrations, resources, events, and conversations about sexual empowerment and consent.

We're passionate about helping to create a cultural shift that encourages people to:

  • Be comfortable with their sexual desires (or lack of sexual desire);
  • Respect other people's sexual desires, orientations, expressions, and autonomy.
  • Be comfortable with talking about sex with their partner(s), and take steps to ensure that all the sex they have is consensual and non-coercive.
  • Be sensitive to the ways in which systematic oppression affects all our lives.

Sex Education

We make zines on topics like consent, sexual health, masturbation, ethical flirting, sex-positive activism, and more. Our zines are an unfiltered, down-to-earth alternative to conventional sex education materials. In addition to selling our zines at events and online, we work with colleges to give out hundreds of copies of our zines on campuses, where they are especially relevant.

Sex-Positive Movement Building

We aim to foster an effective, thoughtful sex-positive movement, both in Boston and online. Through our monthly listing of sexuality-related events and jobs in Boston, we make it easier for people to connect to a sex-positive community locally. Through sharing articles, art work, and resources online, as well as managing sex-positive groups on Facebook, we help people all over the world connect with a sex-positive community online. We also make pins and stickers with sex-positive sentiments that aim to increase the visibility of sex-positive values in public, as well as spark fruitful conversations about sexuality.

*Zine, like [maga]zine. Zines are independently made small books.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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