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is creating open source and building communities

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About Arne Brasseur

Hi there, my name is Arne, I create screencasts about Clojure over at Lambda Island, and the best way to support me is by getting a subscription there.

Maybe you're looking for another way to support me though, maybe Clojure screencasts aren't your thing, maybe you already have a subscription but want to also support the community and open source work I do. That's what this Patreon page is for.

Some of the unpaid work I do

- building open source software including Chestnut and Yaks
- maintaining the public log for Clojurians Slack so this knowledge isn't lost
- hosting the Clojureverse forum as a home for Clojure related projects
- organizing the monthly Emacs Berlin meetup
- pouring a good chunk of myself into ClojureBridge Berlin

If you like ClojureBridge please consider supporting some of the women that make it happen, or support ClojureBridge directly

- Sponsor ClojureBridge Berlin
- Donate to ClojureBridge (US)

$7.97 of $10 per month
Pay for the DNS and hosting costs of the Clojurians log,, the Emacs Berlin site.
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