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If you contribute $10 a month (or more) then you will get a step by step look at how I create my digital paintings as well as an exclusive, behind the scenes video of how I make my short films.




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Hello everyone, my name is John Plocar and I consider myself to be a pretty darn decent artist. But I'm also a starving one... which brings me to Patreon. Honestly I've come here in hopes to find an audience that may enjoy my art; whether that be with my digital illustrations, short films, or even the movie reviews that I occasionally post. If you like what you see then please help support me! I need all the help I can get right now to tell you the truth. 

Originally I'm from Westmont, IL and have since found myself living in Weatheford, TX. I studied at the Art Institute and have gained a wide array of talents from my time there; if someone gives me a task, I can do it or I will definitely figure it out. But also have learned how to work as a group or on my own whenever required. I know when it's time to take things seriously while still making light of almost any situation. I'm one to make laughs and get things done all at once.
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I've always wanted to start my very own animated series; one that would be heavily inspired by the early years of "The Simpsons" but with my own art style injected into it. And if I ever make this goal a reality, I think this wish might come true.
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