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As a member of our PNRNetworks Patrons Circle, you get official acknowledgement as a member of the PNRNetworks Patrons Circle on all PNRNetworks sites, mentions on our podcasts on a random basis, and exclusives galore including three Patron Circle exclusive podcasts, exclusive club articles, cool specials, special chances to participate in various special activities, and more! You can't beat it!  All for just $5 a month - that's just $0.17 PER DAY!




If you're reading this, Welcome to the PNRNetworks Patron Circle! And YAY for taking the time to read it - we appreciate it!!!

We are TC Kirkham and Kim Brown, and together, we form the nucleus of PNRNetworks, a group of websites and podcasts dedicated to entertainment with a large emphasis on film. Like many of our listeners out there, we're first and foremost fans of film, which is why our perspective on things uses the slogan "Real Movies for REEL People!"

With our flagship show, Subject:CINEMA, now in it's second decade (WOW!), we've recently sat down and discussed our goals on how we can grow our sites and podcasts, to continue to expand and grow and bring our fans the best possible aspects of what we do. And you, our loyal fans, are a big part of it!

Designing a membership plan has NOT been easy, but we think we've got it licked, and we think you'll be loving what we're going to be offering here. Patreon is a perfect fit for us - it allows us to set forth reachable goals and invites you to come in and be a part of helping us to reach them. And the best part is, when you become a member of the Patron Circle, you're not helping just one show or site, but a whole network! With your help, we can grow to the point where we can do so much more and achieve some of our dreams, including bringing you the best coverage we can of the film world, allowing us to bring you better coverage of film festivals, and maybe even help sponsor a few of them, expand our commentary and opinion sites, do research and development on new projects, help fund much needed upgrades to our equipment, and a whole lot more!

And just think - with your recurring membership as a Patreon Circle Member, you will be helping to fund A LOT:

Subject:CINEMA - our premiere podcast, now in it's fourteenth year of crazy commentary on all things film, along with regular film reviews, available (usually) every Sunday evening

Front Row Five And Ten - our relatively new Subject:CINEMA spinoff, where we countdown all manners of funky top ten lists each week, available Thursday evenings

Three Minute Weekend - our weekly round up of all the films hitting US theaters each week, available Friday mornings

Tuesday Digidex - our weekly round up of DVD, BluRay, and Streaming releases in the US, available Tuesday mornings

 Platinum Roses' Garden - Kim's weekly recap of the hit CW series "Supernatural", usually available Saturday evenings during the regular "Supernatural" season

CaveBabble - hosts Eric and Valerie Lyon give you their take on film, games, tv, odd food, and more from their distinctly small Missouri town perspective - available weekends

The Catastrophe Vortex - Host TC Kirkham takes you through the world of a genre he's been in love with since childhood - the Hollywood Disaster movie!

Ring Around The Rosie - Kim Brown puts her 30+ years of being a pro wrestling fan to work with an innovative female point of view!

Ant B's Nerd Grotto - Ant B's unique take on comics, POPs, Movies, TV , and more!

The Kirkham Report - music-oriented countdowns and specials from TC's vast chart library

NEW! EARmagination Theatre - original dramatic audio productions from the PNRNetworks team!

NEW! Platinum Rose RolePlay - Kim's original Roleplay/ASMR YouTube Channel, with great original stories of all kinds!

And as if ALL THAT isn't already the cat's meow (MEOW! MEOW!), you'll also be helping to fund our growing list of websites as well:

eCinemaOne - formerly known as Popcorn N Roses, this is our premiere film site

eCinemaBoston - our Boston-centric film site (cause that's where we live, natch!)

The Kirkham Report - my music news and commentary site

Planet BiblioMusica - reflections of record and book stores and our memories therein

And about a half dozen other sites we do or are presently working on developing!

And as of 2019, Patrons get some exclusive shows and posts as well, including three cool full length podcasts for patrons only!

Subject:CINEMA's Micro Focus - TC and Kim take on the latest films, classic films, and more and let 'er rip with their unabashed opinions!

Subject CINEMA's Freeze Frame - TC and Kim discuss the latest entertainment news and the stuff attracting the attention of fans everywhere!

Kaiju Corner - Kim's latest solo podcast, an in-depth look at Kajiu movies of all shapes, sizes, and nationalities!

PLUS LOTS MORE special stuff in the works, including a couple more exclusive mini-podcasts, monthly chats, exclusive perks and gifts, Patron-only posts, and hopefully lots more!

And you get it all for one low low price - just $5 a month! That's it! NO extra levels, no levels requirements and stuff, just one set price for EVERYONE -  a mere $5 - I mean, think of it - that's less than a single large latte or two large soft drinks! And it's only ONCE A MONTH! That works out to a measly $0.17 cents a day!  And you wanted to know what you could do with all that pocket change - THERE YOU GO!

We know we've got some worthy goals, we know our Patreon fans are willing to help out, and when we merge the two together, well…THE SKY'S THE LIMIT, KIDDOS!!! So please check out our goals, our hopes, our dreams, and those crazy perks we've got, and come aboard…we'd love to have you!

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