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For $5, you get access to The Podcast For Laundry Presents: CEREAL The Podcast. I've done it again. Each week, I talk to America's Sweethearts about everybody's favorite breakfast food: Cereal. I also sometimes talk about laundry.



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Hey laundryheads. How's it going? Not so good for me. Thank you for visiting The Podcast For Laundry Patreon page. I'm so happy you're here. I really hope you consider donating to the most important cause on this or any other site like this!

As most of you know, The Podcast For Laundry is a hit. Probably because it's so universal (everybody does laundry). But the ride doesn't stop at TPFL. Nope! TPFL is just the beginning. I have so many ideas for cool new ways to expand the TPFL brand, but I NEED YOUR HELP to make it happen. 

Check out my video and then become my patron for $5. Destiny awaits! 

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If I get 50 Patrons, I'll be able to produce a THIRD podcast for you. I've been thinking about this particular show for a while and let's just's really really good. It may ruffle some feathers, but I AM a subversive genius so trust me. Come on, we can do this!!
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